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Coiled Bamboo Guitar, The creation of coiled bamboo product required the design process and production by makers of music instrument and coiled bamboo experts.

The knowledge of “coiled bamboo” has been developed from handicraftsmen’s lacquering in northern region of Thailand. Currently, the coiled bamboo is used for creating domestic wares. Since the coiled bamboo is strong; it can be formed in different shapes, and bamboo can also reduce audio frequency rate, new products of stringed instrument from the coiled bamboo. 

Guitar and ukulele from the coiled bamboo has been created using the concept that reflects 

the nature of bamboo. This was also the way to apply innovation into the coiled bamboo product. From this process has a moderate quality of sound, and a good quality of shape and feature. 

The coiled-bamboo stringed instrument meets the standard of stringed instruments in the market. Therefore, the product can be alternative for consumers. Product value was increased, and more importantly, it can be cumulative learning for more quality products in the future.