Probiotic capsule product from fermented rice bran.

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Fermented rice bran is a probiotic type of health food obtained from microbial fermentation. These microorganisms will act to convert the carbohydrate nutrients in rice to other derivatives, including sugar, alcohol, various acetic acid. And these derivatives also have the ability to extract and dissolve other important substances. These microorganisms can be found in rice and bran, such as vitamins, phenolic, flavonoids, and minerals (zinc, iron, calcium). In addition, these microorganisms have health benefits. Therefore, it is classified as a quality food that enhances the health of the immune system. And prevent many diseases Especially diseases that occur in children, the elderly and people with immune deficiency, such as pediatric intestinal disease, gastrointestinal tract infection of the stomach and small intestines (Infectious gastroenteritis), intestinal gangrene. Neonates (necrotizing enterocolitis), pediatric allergy, pediatric respiratory infection. Adults and the elderly, Effects on the digestive system (Aureli et al., 2011), Lower blood cholesterol, lactose intolerance (Singh et al., 2011), systemic infection. Urinary tract infection, fungal inflammation of the vagina, stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, especially colon cancer (Mombelli and Gismondo, 2000) can only be obtained when the body receives adequate amounts. For this reason, products containing probiotic microorganisms must be in the optimal range and to be effective. Which is in the range of 106–1010 colonies per day (cfu / day).
Probiotics are an alternative mechanism that can help control obesity. And counted as a way to prevent and treat obesity. Including related chronic diseases With high security And can be used with a wide range of consumers In addition, the fermented rice bran contains high amounts of fiber. Which is beneficial for the digestive system Therefore, it is interesting to use the fermented rice bran to develop a probiotic product group.