KKU signs an academic service agreement with the community enterprise of Nong Saeng Mango Exporting Group, Kalasin Province

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On October 27, 2021, the community enterprise of Nong Saeng Mango Exporting Group, Samran Sub-district, Samchai District, Kalasin Province have signed an agreement Academic and research services in collaboration with Khon Kaen University by Prof. Monchai Duangjinda, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies As a proxy from the President to sign on his behalf for the purpose under this Agreement to provide National Center for Research on Biological Pest Control Upper Northeastern region, together with the Faculty of Agriculture Khon Kaen University Production of white Beauveria and Green Metarisium fungicides for the group for use in The amplification was increased and used in mango pest control. This project is a pilot project for mango production. Organic products of Kalasin Province to encourage farmers to reduce the use of pesticides and replace them with natural enemies to produce enough organic mangos for export and domestic consumption The community enterprise group has supported the money for the production of bio-based leavening agents in the amount of 190,500.