KKU1 Low Uric Chicken – joins the driving force of the foundation economy in 3 southern border provinces. Aim for halal food

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Ministry of Finance Find a way to support financial assistance measures for entrepreneurs in the 3 SRT (Soft Loan) in terms of investment in the local economy.

Today (11 June 2021) at 10:00 a.m. Mr. Praew Kong-udom, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister work for the Ministry of Finance Chaired the meeting to discuss urgent financial guidelines and measures to solve problems and rehabilitate the economy in the southern border provinces, with Mr. Nuttakit Rungjaroon, Advisor to the Deputy Minister, Mr. Chanthanan Sangpoom, Deputy Secretary-General of the Social Security Office. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badin Rasameetes, Deputy Secretary-General, SMC, representatives of ACF Company, entrepreneurs in the area, STC and officers of the Civil Service Development Promotion and Support Division (CEP), and officials Related parties attended at the Vayupak 2 meeting room, Ministry of Finance.

by this meeting It was to discuss ways to support measures to increase the amount of financial assistance projects for operators in the three southern border provinces (Soft Loan) and to discuss how to drive large-scale investments. ACF’s Foundation Economy

Representatives of ACF and local operators A plan to drive a chicken farm has been presented. About raising KKU 1 chickens in Nong Chik District Pattani Province that will require funds to operate to create more capital turnover The investment plan is set from 2021-2023, consisting of a chicken farm, a chicken slaughtering plant. and processing plants, which are all halal support systems. that is suitable for the area and increases the occupation for the people in the area because some people have been to work in Malaysia and due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 causing Malaysia to shut down the country causing unemployment in the area This driving plan will be another way to create careers and generate income for people in the future.

However, this discussion There will be a presentation to the Minister of Finance. To consider the guidelines for assistance to solve problems and rehabilitate the economy in the southern border provinces in the next order.

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