Open now ❗❗️ eSchool KKU studio, a studio for preparing courses for the elderly Under the school for the elderly to promote competence and build a career to support a new way of life Khon Kaen University (KKU Elderly school)

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This time, it was honored by  Prof. Monchai Duangjinda, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Khon Kaen University
Honor to try the photo studio who shoots the teser. Public relations. Senior School Development Project to Promote Competency and Build a Career to Support a New Lifestyle, Khon Kaen University Be the first by yourself at eSchool KKU studio at room 1408, 4th floor, Research for Social Development Institute (RSDI) Open for enrollment in 5 courses as follows:
1. Precision Agriculture and Functional Food Development Courses (Smart Agriculture and Functional Food Development) For the elderly
2. Development and application of artificial intelligence technology (AI for Aging) course for the elderly
3. Digital Entrepreneurship Course online marketing Media production and website development
4. Ecotourism management course, art and community culture in the new era
5. Preparation Skills Course environment adjustment Elderly health care and management (Gerontology)

can follow the news Courses in each course can be obtained via
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