HCAP 2023 Conference “Starting small, Thinking big: Change starting from our local community”

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💥Speakers reveal! Let’s get to know more about our academic session speaker 🎤
🗓: Monday 13th March 2023, 17:00 – 20:00
📍: At Chula TBD
Academic session 1: Knowledge
Knowledge can change lives. Efforts towards increased accessibility to information aid in improving the lives of many and instilling the potential for change.
1. Kamori Osthananda: Youth representation, Southeast Asian Culture Heritage Alliance & a volunteer at Speaking Hub
2. Sakson Rouypirom: Deputy governor of Bangkok for social development & Founder of “SATI”
3. Supat Sinawat: Associate profesor and researcher at Khon Khaen University
🌟We are open for registration. Don’t forget to sign up for this exciting session via the QR code or link in our bio🌟
🔎Let’s have a look at our academic session 2 speakers
🗓: Thursday 16th March 2023 17:00-20:00 📍:Chamchuri 10 building
Academic Session 2: Contemporary Political Landscapes
Political dynamics are undergoing shifts to be more inclusive of the voices and platforms of the local community. Challenges to existing ‘top down’ power institutions have sparked new conversations for political change.
1. Thanisara Ruangdej: CEO & Co-founder of Punch Up, Project Manager & Co-Founder for WeVis & ELECT, Former Editorial Assistant & Journalist at The MATTER
2. Sanon Wangsrangboon: Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Co-founder of SATARANA
The public sessions are open to ALL Chula students for free. Our registration is first come, first serve. Don’t forget to book your seat before it’s out ❤️
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