Professor Dr. Monchai Duangjinda

Vice President
Research and Graduate Studies

Message from VP

The office of KKU Research and Graduate Studies (RGS) supports all researchers and investigators in all areas for science, engineering, medical & health science, the humanities, education, architecture and also fine arts. We work in partnership with central administration, local government, Faculties and excellence centers and institutes to promote KKU research in all possibilities.

We connect researchers to research funding opportunities, developing integrative research and collaborations, community and industry engagement services, as well as research integrity and safety.  We encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and technology-based development through academic services, technology transfer and business incubation. We also seeking for partnerships not only for industry for initiating new business model for start-up but also community for strengthening community social enterprise.

Monchai Duangjinda

Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies encourages and supports innovative interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative activities that contribute to the physical, emotional and economic well-being of the people of Georgia, the nation and the world. Through partnerships and collaborations, we seek to share knowledge, increase innovation and deliver the products of our research to the marketplace.

Research Administration Division (RAD)

Khon Kaen University has set “Roles and responsibilities of the Division of Research Administration” include planning and managing the university’s research. Research funding and allocation Preparation of a university research strategy and direction, coordinating research projects, drawing up a research management plan, and making research budget requests. Follow up on internal and external research Coordinate and build research networks with public and private sectors, funding sources, and research users. Publishing support Research database system Performance report according to the research plan Promotion and dissemination of research results Providing research information, research journals, giving prizes to honor research results and outstanding researchers. Personnel training Researchers to obtain national, international and international publications and perform other assigned duties.

In 2020, research work process has been improved and transformed into four groups of mission, which are: 1) Funds and Researcher Development, 2) Research eco-system supports, 3) Research Utilization and Graduate Studies, and 4) Organization Management. 

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Professor Pewpan Maleewong

Assistant President
Research and Graduate Studies

Ms.Wisaka Aunsri

Office Secretary

Research and Administration Division

Mr.Thanayut Sung-inthara


Funds and Researcher Development - Mission Group

Ms.Ngamchit Kudjomsri

Mission Head, High Performance Researcher Coodinator

Ms.Patcharin Pitakkoentam

PMU Funds Coordinator

Ms.Nattawipa Jantoree

Graduate Funds Manager

Ms.Siriprapa Kittikamjorn

Postdoctoral & Research Assistant Fellowship Manager ​

Research Ecosystem Support - Mission Group

Ms.Krittika Dangrat

Mission Head,
Publication Compensation Supporting Funds Coordinator

Ms.Pattanan Koenpolkrang

Supporting Funds Disbursement Manager

Ms.Jintana Multree

Research PR, Exhibition, Awards, Research Events Organizer

Mr.Angkul Nutasarin

Data Science for UWR Manager

Mr.Kitimasak Sittijanda

Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

Ms.Patarapa Bumroonthaichaichan

KKU Journal of Humanities and Social Science and R2R Journal Manager

Research Utilization and Graduate Studies - Mission Group

Mr.Praphan Panta-ek​​

Mission Head, Research Utilization and Graduate Studies

Mr.Setsiri Pakdeepunya

External Research Grants, Rsearch Networks, OHEC.

Ms.Keeratikorn SodKokesoong​

Drive the utilization of research and graduate studies​,Research Exploitation and Promotion Manager

Ms.Panida Mokmool​

Drive the utilization of research and graduate studies​, Exhibition, Research Events Organizer

Organization Management - Mission Group

Mr.Sirichai Kittikamchorn

Mission Head, Strategic and Risk Plan, OKR, QA Coordinator

Mr.Kiattiphume Krittawatin

MIS Administrator

Mr.Chan Panprom

Correspondence Manager​

Mr.Wachirapan Hanchart


Ms.Yupin Soparart​

Internal Budget and Disbursement Manager​

Ms.Kudakorn Thongchan​

Financial Officer

Ms.Sunisa Sangloa​

Procurement Officer

Ms.Chirapa Simachareuk​

Plan and Information Technology Officer

Ms.Banjong Kardkaew​

Staff Division​

Research Instrumentation Center KKU

Ms.Issayaporn Prasarnkulnun

Research Instrument Center Coordinator

Mr.Tonkla Insawang


Ms.Sawinee Naasompak


Ms.Suphachira Srichangwang


Mr.Yutthaya Khemjeen


Mr.Aganis Suntinac


Ms.Taksina Intharamanee