Khon Kaen University opens the stage for faculty and students. Learn how to produce outstanding academic work from Professor Glasgow University.

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On Friday, January 26, 2024, the Research and Graduate Studies Department and the Foreign Affairs Department organized a proactive workshop for producing outstanding academic work and High Impact on the topic “Manuscript Writing for High Impact Publishing & Meeting Global Trends” and received an honor. The Assistant Rector for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Pewpan Maleewong, M.D., presided over the opening ceremony. This activity was honored by Prof. Dr. Ming K. Lim, Editor-in-Chief. of international research journals International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, of which he is Professor who specializes in Supply Chain Management & Digitalisation from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom along with Prof. Kanchana Setthanan, Ph.D., Faculty of Engineering Come join as a lecturer Exchange knowledge and provide important techniques for producing quality academic work that is consistent with the current trend of publication in international journals.

The main objective of this activity is to help drive the increase in Khon Kaen University’s World University Ranking scores, to drive the strategy towards a Global Frontier Research University, and to serve as a forum for exchanging knowledge on important techniques for producing work. Quality academics In particular, it is a push to encourage publication in international journals Top 10% (Tier 1 Journal) or Q1 and especially pushes to increase the Citation score along with being a platform to exchange experiences directly with foreign experts. Overall, today’s activities were considered a great success. Because there are teachers Graduate students are interested and participate in many activities. Many people had the opportunity to exchange questions about important techniques and learn new techniques from speakers at the event in a close and friendly manner.

Prof. Pewpan Maleewong, M.D., presided over the opening speech.

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