KKU joins hands with Lily Pharma to launch Lily Nanoemulsion Homogenizer machine, advanced production technology. revolutionize the industry Upgrading the quality of food, medicine, and cosmetics

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On June 14, 2023, Khon Kaen University joins hands with Lily Pharma to announce another success. With the launch of Lily Nanoemulsion Homogenizer machine, advanced production technology. revolutionize the industry Upgrading the quality of food, medicine, and cosmetics By using nanoemulsion technology that can use active ingredients more efficiently. with Mr. Suraphon Petchwara, Vice President of Khon Kaen University Council, Assoc. President of Khon Kaen University, Prof. Dr. Monchai Duangjinda, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Mr. Rawat Jindapol, CEO of KKU Miss Lily Holding Co., Ltd., Mr. Thapakorn Upra, Chief of Technology officer of Lily Pharma Co., Ltd. joined the press conference at the room. Begin, 1st floor, Science Park Khon Kaen University

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University Mentioned the policy of Khon Kaen University in creating a start-up by co-investing with the private sector, allowing the private sector to be the initiator. Starting from the perspective of market demand for that product. And go back and look at the production process to see if it can compete in terms of technology or not. If possible, they will come back to find the research process that produces the product. This is what we call market research. The private sector is responsible for researching the production and bringing it to the market. The university’s role will be to support research equipment and product testing. Including organizing a team of expert professors in each department to provide advice to the private sector. This method is a new way of doing university start-ups. by working with Miss Lily Company And established a joint venture company in 2022, in which the joint venture company focuses on nanoemulsion technology, producing products such as N-Dro care mouth spray.

In addition, the joint venture company applied knowledge to the production of nanoemulsion machines until it was successful. which is by the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation want to create cooperation between the private sector and universities to bring research knowledge to the market

Prof. Monchai Duangjinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Discusses the direction of nanoemulsion technology. And research in many fields has focused on the delivery of substances in the form of nanoemulsion. which is the introduction of the active ingredient in the water or oil with nanoparticles by being merged with emulsifiers This is the delivery of the most effective substances absorbed quickly. and use small amounts of substances to Reduce the impact that will occur on the environment, humans, and animals. Currently, many industries have tried to produce Products in the form of nano emulsions that have been released to the market, whether in the pharmaceutical industry or agro-industry such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. cosmetic industry food and veterinary medicine industry, and others, but Thailand still has problems in production because such machinery has a very high price.

Khon Kaen University Cooperated with Lily Pharma to create a high-tech production process. Nano Emulsion Homogenizer From the Laboratory to the Industry This is a result of research and development by the Thai people. From a team of researchers and engineers of Lily Pharma Co., Ltd. who can bring information and experience from the research laboratory. With limitations to develop for industrial use (Production Scale) aims to benefit the industry that uses nanoemulsion technology. which can use active ingredients effectively We are currently conducting research on veterinary drugs, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Including food supplements in the form of nanoemulsion.

Mr. Rawat Chindapol, CEO of KKU Miss Lily Holding Co., Ltd. revealed that “from working closely with Khon Kaen University throughout the past years. The company has focused on technology development. Nano Emulsion starts from the upstream to the downstream So that we have the technical know-how to develop prototype products in the laboratory that can lead to industrial production efficiently. Industrial production requires a machine that can break down substances into nanoparticles. In general, foreign countries will use a High-pressure nano homogenizer machine, which will be very expensive, for example, a size of 300-500 liters will cost hundreds of millions of baht, causing the general industry to have restrictions on investing in these machines. The engineering team of Lily Pharma, a subsidiary of KKU Miss Lily Holding, has developed a machine in the form of a High-speed nano homogenizer and a trailer. That makes us the leader in the production of nanoemulsion machines in ASEAN. We have the policy to bring this machine to cooperate with the private sector in various industries that want to create products in the form of nanoemulsion, with Lily Pharma Company helping to develop products in the form of nanoemulsion. And lead to industrial production with the support of the company and Khon Kaen University For Thailand to become a leader in this technology that can create added value in the economy. For interested organizations, please contact Lily Pharma Co., Ltd. Khun Sirin Taichaiyaphum, or call 086-319-0270.

Mr. Thapakorn Upara, Chief of Technology officer, at Lily Pharma Co., Ltd., said that the highlight of the high-speed nano homogenizer is the shearing technique with a high-speed centrifuge and a vertical multiple rotor. Stator Head), which makes particles smaller than 100 nm and has uniform size due to the 3-level centrifuge in the tank. In addition, other trailers such as the Oil mixer and Water mixer also have a temperature-controlled water tank. during the manufacturing process which can be produced in a vacuum system enabling the aforementioned machines to produce nanoemulsions with the quality standards set by the research laboratory In addition, High-speed nano homogenizer technology saves time and energy in production. Including saving much fewer maintenance costs than other systems