KKU researchers developed the BiTNet system, the world’s first AI platform for analyzing abnormalities in ultrasound images of the upper abdomen and screening groups at risk for bile duct cancer.

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On February 21, 2024, at Sarasin Meeting Room Sirikunakorn Building Khon Kaen University Held a press conference to launch The world’s first artificial intelligence innovation: “BiTNet, an AI platform for analyzing ultrasound images to solve the problem of bile duct cancer”

Khon Kaen University researchers collaborate with the Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute and the Faculty of Science, led by Prof. Nittaya Chamadon, M.D., and Prof. Wanlop Laophaibun, M.D., Asst. Prof. Arunit Boonrod, M.D., Department of Radiology. Faculty of Medicine, Asst. Prof. Thanapong Intharah, Ph.D., Dr. Prem Chansawang, Department of Statistics Faculty of Science, Asst. Prof. Anchalee Techasen, Ph.D., Faculty of Medical Technology, Asst. Prof. Attapol Titapun, M.D., Department of Surgery The Faculty of Medicine and a working group jointly developed artificial intelligence technology to screen groups at risk for bile duct cancer and upper abdominal abnormalities.

Prof. Monchai Duangjinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Emphasizes the role of Khon Kaen University As a national research university who are aware of the severity of liver fluke disease and bile duct cancer both in Thailand and in the countries of the Mekong Subregion throughout the past period Khon Kaen University has supported the Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute in its dedication to research studies Continuously develop innovations to solve the problem of liver fluke disease and bile duct cancer. Especially the role of overseeing medical services and research to solve public health problems. It is evident that Khon Kaen University has been very successful and is considered a leader in this matter. It is also expected that this innovative AI system will be able to be practically used in the hospital and public health systems of the country. Including this innovation will be a model to drive other innovations in the future.

and Assoc. Prof. Watcharin Loilom, Ph.D., Acting Director of the Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute Further clarification was given regarding promoting the integration of academic collaboration and leading to various innovations. related to solving problems of liver fluke disease and bile duct cancer The work involves gathering together a working group with expertise in every field to work together as a team. which will lead to solving the problem of disease in every dimension to achieve the goal Prof. Narong Khanteekaew, M.D., former acting director of the Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute Has initiated the idea to develop artificial intelligence innovation to solve the problem of bile duct cancer. and continuously push forward with the support of resources and budget under the Thai Challenge Research Grant by the National Research Council Until leading to the “BiTNet” platform that helps to solve the problems of liver fluke disease and bile duct cancer in a sustainable way.

Prof. Nittaya Chamadon, M.D., Professor, Specialist in Radiology Field of study: Radiology Faculty of Medicine It is said that bile duct cancer does not show clinical signs in the early stages of the disease. The team’s challenge is how to diagnose this disease at an early stage to improve treatment outcomes and survival rates. Research supports that Surveillance using ultrasonography allows 80% of cases to be diagnosed at an early stage. The team jointly developed artificial intelligence technology and was able to collect data to train the AI on ultrasound images in the channel system. The world’s first complete upper abdomen. Really hope that This innovation will be widely disseminated and put to real use in the public health system of Thailand. Finally, Prof. Nittaya Chamadon, M.D., Thank you and remember Prof. Narong Khanteekaew, M.D., who brings together experts from all related fields to solve problems and is the spark to search for practical methods to solve this problem.

In addition, Asst. Prof. Angkana Boonyued, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Science, said that in the past year until now, The Faculty of Science has focused on Supporting and pushing Research and innovation results that can be used in every dimension. By integrating cooperation from many agencies especially There is a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation between the Faculty of Science and the Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute. To cooperate in research and innovation projects to solve the problems of liver fluke and bile duct cancer. Faculty of Science Therefore, we support the development of the “BiTNet” platform by supporting personnel with expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision systems to jointly develop innovations that will benefit the people under the head of the development team led by Asst. Prof. Thanapong Intharah, Ph.D., team leader, and expert in artificial intelligence and computer vision systems, statistics department. Faculty of Science Khon Kaen University which Asst. Prof. Thanapong Intharah, Ph.D., Mentions the uniqueness of BiTNet, which is considered an AI that is taught to analyze abnormal ultrasound images found in the upper abdomen. Its main ability is to identify people at risk for bile duct cancer. It can reduce the workload of radiologists by up to 35%, increase the diagnostic accuracy of general doctors by up to 12%, and have an accuracy of 96% in diagnosing people at risk of bile duct cancer. In addition, it can help diagnose There are up to 20 other abnormalities in the upper abdomen. The working principle of this system greatly increases the opportunity to access the screening system for the public and is more convenient and faster. Therefore, the BiTNet platform is considered the world’s first AI that can analyze abnormalities in the upper abdomen through ultrasound images. This work has been published in international academic journals. High-quality named Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and has received national and international awards, including the Silver Digital Innovation Award from the international awards ceremony ASEAN Digital Awards 2024 in Singapore, and the Good Invention Award 2024 from the National Research Council of Thailand. , runner-up in the Inclusion and Community Services category from the Thailand ICT Award 2023, and 1st runner-up in the National Innovation Award. Product and Service Design Award 2021 from the National Innovation Agency

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