KKU students hold a seminar: “Amazing cannabis herb”, good as food and good for tourism!

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October 12, 2022 – The Tourism Innovation Management Program of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University, organized a seminar: “Amazing Cannabis Herbal for Gastronomy Tourism”. The opening session was presided over by Prof. Monchai Duangchinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. Assoc. Prof. Pensri Charoenwanich, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy delivered a welcoming speech to participants, while Asst. Prof. Donruthai Kowattanakul, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Master’s Degree Program in Business Administration in Tourism Industry Management reported on the objectives of the project. Around 354 students and the public attended the seminar, which was held at the Auditorium of Khon Kaen University Science Park. In addition, 135 participants attended the seminar online.

The seminar, “Amazing Cannabis Herbal for Gastronomy Tourism” is part of the course BS944761 Tourism Seminar for the 4th year students of the Tourism Industry Management Program to apply the theories and knowledge obtained from the course in real practice.

Asst. Prof. Donruthai Kowattanakul, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Master’s Degree Program in Business Administration in Tourism Industry Management said that the objectives of this seminar were to build perception related to cannabis herb and to transfer the approach for running successful business in cannabis based on Gastronomy Tourism as the business base.

“We hope that this event will inspire and increase the selling of the gastronomy entrepreneurs, who are interested in using cannabis as the ingredient in their menus. It is also expected that the seminar will help upgrade the level of cannabis herb in Thailand towards the world kitchen.

Assoc. Prof. Pensri Charoenwanich, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy explained that the seminar of this kind of the Tourism Industry Management Program is organized every year by the fourth year students of the program. Up to now, there has been the Covid situation that necessitated the arrangement to be online. This year, the situation is improved so there are both online and onsite arrangements. It is a good chance for the students to demonstrate their competency in this regard.

“The Faculty always supports the students to perform activities out of classrooms. There are many projects for which the Faculty supports in terms of budget and resources so that the students will be able to practice in real situation. For the course Tourism Seminar, the students learn to organize a seminar. Before the event today, the students have put their efforts in various aspects, including marketing, inventing the name and planning the details of the event, planning the activities, finding the place and inviting famous speakers from many organizations. All of these make the event colorful and interesting. The students also learn the useful perspectives from the event. On behalf of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, I am grateful to the sponsors who support the event and all of the speakers who cooperate and support our students to experience the real practice,” said the KKBS Dean.

Prof. Monchai Duangchinda, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies said that Khon Kaen University assigned the Division of Research Administration to be responsible for the Cannabis Research Institute. The goal is to use cannabis for medical purposes. The Institute’s duties involve everything from planting cannabis, developing the cultivars, which are under the Faculty of Agriculture. The second part involves managing the flowers, which is under the Faculty of Sciences. This job involves extracting. They use the chemistry knowledge in extracting CBD and THC for medical purposes. They are purified, where contaminants are removed. Next, there is research conducted at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, where they produce products that will be used in medicine. These products have to undergo clinical experiments before they can be used.

“We are looking for opportunity in terms of the policy of the country. There is the Wellness Corridor, which is the collaboration among the business sector, universities and the public health sector to make cannabis useful in other purposes than just food and drink. Cannabis can be used in tourism, spa, relaxation and gastronomical enhancement. This can draw more tourists into the country. Gastronomy is composed of 3 parts: 1) use of the cannabis herb, 2) knowledge in gastronomical science, or why we must choose the raw material from this part, and 3) incorporation of art and culture. The three things can truly interest tourists. I hope that the students and participants will obtain knowledge and understanding about tourism development in Thailand that involves cannabis herb,” said Prof. Monchai.

Cheetah Yodsaeng, a 4th year student of the Tourism Industry Management Program, KKBS said that before the event today, she has prepared the activities with her friends, from selecting the venue, raw materials, testing lights and sound in the event and checking for the readiness. All of these were done in months, including planning and contacting the speakers.

“When I worked with my friends, sometimes we do not hold the same opinions. This is the matter of team working where about a hundred of us worked together. We therefore use the voting method and democratic system. I learn that cannabis is useful. It is not just an addicted drug. If we use cannabis correctly, it can benefit many as it can treat some diseases. It can also promote tourism. The onsite event enables us to learn the seminar atmosphere. It is the real situation, not through zoom. It is very interesting when I compare it to a movie. If we watch movie from a gadget, and find that it is fun, then watching it in a theatre will be funnier. In short, the event enables us to understand the content of the course better,” said Cheetah.

The seminar and workshop on tourism this time, (Amazing Cannabis Herbal for Gastronomy Tourism), also featured interesting forum topics, for example, use of cannabis herb in menus at the right amount that meets the law requirements, by a professional pharmacist Weeraya Tha-uppachit, from the Consumer Protection Group, Khon Kaen Public Health Office; “Sharing experiences and approach for business in cannabis herb for success” by Khun Pattama Na-Thalang, the owner of KINKUMAI, a leading fresh drink business and products from cannabis herb. This business has 44 branches all over the country. There were exhibitions demonstrating ideas for cooking dishes with cannabis leaf ingredient. The activities were of interest among the public who attended the seminar.

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