KKU Research Facillities

Khon Kaen Research Facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment and services to all researchers.  These facilities are specialized for all kinds of scientific work, diagnostic tools, adaptable prototyping processes, advanced laboratory and mechanical production plants.


Online courses related to laboratory research might interested to all researchers.

Food Pilot Plant

Food Processing

Processing service for prototype development in food production. Food processing machineries such as vacuum dryers, spray dryer, freeze dryer etc. to produce food at experimental or pilot level are available. 

Food Analysis

Food analysis are available for moisture content, protein content, fiber content, fat content, ash content and carbohydrate content and calories. 

Food Packing

Provide packing service with modern machines containing a wide variety of food products including solids and liquids to extend shelf life of the product.

Shelflife Evaluation

Estimate the shelf life of the product in a temperature and humidity controlled cabinet. And gas meter in the package