Cultural and Community Tourism in Ban Kham – Pensuk

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อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ 2 คน, ลิงลม และ ข้อความ
Hello everyone!, today we are proud to present…
Cultural and Community Tourism in Ban Kham – Pensuk
February 16-17, 2024
At Kham – Pensuk Community, Pensuk Subdistrict, Chom Phra District, Surin Province, Thailand
Cultural Tourism Experience in Ban Kham – Pensuk Community. Embark on a cultural journey in the heart of Ban Kham – Pensuk, where tourists actively engage with the community’s lifestyle, traditions, and rich arts and culture. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as local youth showcase captivating folk dance performances. A community guide will lead you in exploring the community’s stories, providing insights into its unique heritage.
Discover the community’s way of life intertwined with traditions arts and culture through the “Su Kwan Khao (สู่ขวัญข้าว) – Hao Pleung Seryu (เฮาปลึงเซริว)” ceremony. Participate in hands-on learning experiences, delving into the life of farmers alongside community guide groups and local residents.
This 2-day, 1-night cultural expedition is priced at only 2,000 baht per person, inclusive of the following activities:
1. Day 1:
– Folk dance performances by local youth
– Guided tour and storytelling session with a community guide
– Immersive experience in the tradition of “Su Kwan Khao – Hao Pleung Seryu”
2. Day 2:
– Hands-on learning of the community’s farming practices with community guide groups
– Insightful interactions with the local community
Special events
– “Watch the elephant show” activity at the Elephant Education Center, Tha Tum District, Surin Province.
Join us for an enriching cultural adventure in Ban Kham – Pensuk, where every moment promises to be a celebration of tradition and heritage.
If you’re interested in immersing yourself in the beautiful traditions and genuine spirit of the people in the community, we invite you to join the cultural tourism experience in Ban Kham – Pensuk, the local Thai community in the Surin province, on February 16-17. For more details, feel free to inquire:
📱0880621939 Asst. Prof. Pachaya
Or inbox directly through the page.
🎈Limited available, only for 40 tourists!!🎈
NOTE: Package 2,000 baht per person
Includes all expenses throughout the tour.
together with
Round-trip bus fare (Khon Kaen – Surin)
Cost of 4 main meals
(Food with seasonal ingredients)
Cost of 2 snacks
(local desserts and herbal drinks)
Homestay accommodation costs (4 people per house)
Transportation fees to tourist spots
By Saleng car (4 passengers per car)
Admission to the elephant show