Community Outreach

Faculty of Dentistry follows the Late Royal Grandmother’s intention through a community dental care service by a team of professors, staff and students on the occasion of the Royal Grandmother’s birth date

October 21, 2020, 10:00 a.m. at Dental Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University – An opening ceremony was held for the community dental care service and exhibition of the Royal Grandmother and dental care and dental innovation on the occasion of the National Dental Health Day. Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitipat, D.D.S., Dean of Faculty of Dentistry of Khon Kaen University presided over the ceremony, while Assoc. Prof. Anoma Ratanajaroentham, D.D.S., Associate Dean for Administration gave a reporting speech. The Faculty’s administrators, dentists, students and staff members joined.

KKU folks join in KKU Kathin Merit Making of 2020

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University related about the art and culture policy of Khon Kaen University. “Khon Kaen University is a principle university of the Northeast. The art and cultural mission is from the policy we have always had. The Vice President Art, Culture, and Creative Economy is in charge of this. The mission includes all activities related to art, culture, traditions, religions. For example, Loi Krathing, Songkran, etc., are held every year and lately have been the regional festivals. This year, because of Covid, the activities can not be held as usual. When the pandemic becomes contained, KKU will continue to organize the traditional events and plans to do this at an international level.”

Kathin Merit Making is held once a year. It is done within one month after the Buddhist Lent ends, or from the 1st waning moon of the eleventh month to the 15th waxing moon of the 12th month. Kathin is a tradition merit making that Khon Kaen University people all join for good deeds and virtue for the future and to succeed the religion and tradition.

Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN organizes workshop for teachers to reduce gaps and promote equality in Thai education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maitree Inprasitha, Vice President for Education and Academic Service of Khon Kaen University said that in April this year, Khon Kaen University was ranked the first in Thailand, making two consecutive years in the top rank, as the university with the greatest impact on humanities according to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. KKU scored highest in promotion of quality, equality and life-long education as well as in promotion of good health among all ages of citizens, reduction of income gaps both in the outside the country, and integration of work with all sectors in the world for sustainable development.

“Therefore, this workshop aims at continuously upgrading education quality and at giving importance to promotion of quality education and promoting integration of work with all sectors in the world for sustainable development according to SDGs. In addition, the activities in the workshop will enable all participants to acquire basic knowledge in the Lesson Study and Open Approach, which are the key innovations of the institute. The participants will be able to observe the classroom where these innovations are being applied, see how the classroom builds the 21st Century skills for the students, and see what school principals and teachers should do to have such classroom, what plans and implementation should be taken,” the Vice President for Education and Academic Service said.

Khon Kaen is launching Ban Saen Tor, the first GAP cricket village in Thailand and is ready to proceed with work in developing Khon Kaen as a city of crickets, our future food.

Mr. Sattha Kochapalayuk, Khon Kaen Vice Governor explained that crickets are one out of the 6 cash animals promoted by Khon Kaen Province. Ban Saen Tor has been selected as the cricket farming model for study visits. Budget will be sought for developing Ban Saen Tor as a cricket product outlet of the province. The village is now one of the targeted villages under the Northeast Cricket Farmers Project that aims at progressing toward safe and standard manufacturing. The project is headed by Assoc. Prof. Rangsan Niamsanit and is under Khon Kaen University’s Strategic Research and Coordination Institute for Northeast Development. The project is granted supporting budget by the Agricultural Section of the Office of Science, Research and Innovation Promotion and the National Research Council to enhance cricket farmers’ capabilities in producing safe and standard crickets. There are also clusters of entrepreneurs who will receive more incomes from cricket farming.

Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute runs a workshop for the leading volunteers, Mr. & Mrs. OV-CCA – Kosumpisai Model

August 28, 2020 at Khampa Room, Kosumpisai Hospital, Maha Sarakham – Cholangiocarcinoma Research Institute, Khon Kaen University led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wacharin Loilom, a committee member and secretary of the institute and the working team ran a workshop on “Workshop for the leading volunteers, Mr. & Mrs. OV-CCA under the Prototype District to Solve Problems in Liver Fluke Disease and Cholangiocarcinoma – Kosumpisai Model”. The chairperson of the Kosumpisai District Quality of Life Development Committee presided over the opening ceremony. 89 participants joined, who are from women groups in Phaeng Sub-district, village volunteers of Hua Khwang, Kaengkae, and Nonglek Sub-districts and hospitals in Kosumpisai Districts.