Community Outreach

KKU visits indoor greenhouses and provides academic advice on aeroponics cannabis cultivation systems for medical benefits. to the One O One Cannabis Community Enterprise Network and Oriental Plantation Co.,Ltd.,

On December 18, 2021, Research and Graduate Studies Department The team was led by Prof. Monchai Duangjinda, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. and Asst. Prof. Chanon Lapjit, an expert on cannabis and hemp strain improvement and development, and his team visited Indoor greenhouses and gave academic advice on aeroponics cannabis cultivation systems for medical benefits. to the One O One Cannabis Community Enterprise Network and Oriental Plantation Co., Ltd., which is one of 23 networks of academic cooperation on cannabis cultivation for medical benefits with Khon Kaen University. To prepare for both safety measures and production standards, and in particular the push to obtain permission to produce (cultivate) cannabis from the Food and Drug Administration, as well as to support career building. and generate more concrete income for community enterprises

Science Park transfers technology to the community, promoting indigenous raw material for producing “Gluten-free protein noodles” and functional food market

This project began when the Science Park, KKU conducted a survey and evaluated the community needs. It was found that the Insect Enterprise Group of Chumphae Distruct, Khon Kaen, had been working on cricket farming and manufacturing certain product from Chumphae Thapthim Rice. This kind of rice is red in color like pomegranate and also contains high quantity of antioxidants, namely, phenolic and flavonoids. The group wanted to make their existing raw material into a new product, the cricket-powdered protein noodle from Chumphae Thapthim rice flour. The Science Park therefore contacted specialized researchers for the group. The researchers transferred the required technologies and manufacturing process to the Insect Enterprise Group. The group was assisted through the development of protein noodles until the noodles had the satisfactory texture and do not tear apart easily. The noodles add to the nutritious value to the consumers, especially those with celiac disease. The outcome of this project assists the community enterprise to have its own appropriate manufacturing formula with high standard. It also builds opportunities to expand the market of health food, leading to increase of incomes and employment and in the long-run self- dependency and sustainability.

The Tech-transfer to Community activity is an area-based Innovation for community, which has been allocated budget under the project to upgrade the rural economy and quality of life with knowledge, wisdom and innovation, which is a project of the Science, Research and Innovation Promotion and Coordination Division, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. The objectives are to upgrade the entrepreneurs in the regions who are affected by the spread of Covid-19 and to develop the social, economic and innovation of Thailand.

Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention in the Northeast of Thailand (CKDNET): 2021 update

CKDNET recognizes the importance of preventing and reducing kidney disease and is committed to expanding the academic roles of Khon Kaen University in solving health problems in rural areas where population may lack knowledge and access to adequate medical services. The project is a network of cooperation between departments within Khon Kaen University, from 8 faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agriculture), the Institute for Strategic Research and Collaboration for Northeastern Development and organizations outside the University such as the Institute of Defense Technology and the Provincial Public Health Office, hospitals, Ministry of Interior (such as Governor, Provincial Administrative Organization, District Administrative Organization, Municipality, Sub-district, Village headmen) to support medical / health sciences personnel and Village Health Volunteers, and Family Health Volunteers working on care and prevention of kidney disease. The project has ongoing government funding through Khon Kaen University, Research grants from the Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI), through Program Management Unit for Competitiveness (PMUC), Office of the National Council for Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy, and the National Research Office (NRCT) since 2016.

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences welcomes the Government’s Commission for Science, Technology, Research and Innovation on their mission to follow-up “Nongkhai Model”

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September 29, 2021 – Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Khon Kaen University Nongkhai Campus welcomed the Government’s Commission for Science, Technology, Research and Innovation to the seminar on “Research and Development to Upgrade the Quality of Life of the Root Farmers” and to follow-up the implementation of the project to promote the occupational levels of farmers and increase their income by means of farming technologies, which include extracting matters and manufacturing of products under the big project called “Nongkhai Model.”

U2T, Faculty of Agriculture, KKU runs a workshop on soap making from natural oil, to promote supplementary occupation

August 30, 2021 – the implementers of Integrated Sub-district Socio-Economic Upgrading Project (University to Tambon) led by Ajarn Sukalaya Choenkhwan, Ph.D. and Khun Parichat Hanchaiyana, Manager of Kalasin Nature’s Friends Association ran a workshop on site at Ban Nonsomboon, Phosai Sub-district, Srisomdet District, Roi-et Province, on soap making from natural oils in order to promote a supplementary occupation for the villagers. Other objectives were to increase the villages’ knowledge in processing local resources into household consumption materials and items so that the villagers can reduce their expenditures. At the same time, the workshop aimed to open marketing opportunity, add to the values of community products, build occupations for the villagers, reduce unemployment, and build good relationships among the people.

KKU doctors confirm, those receiving two shots of Sinovac should get a booster to help prevent Covid-19 crisis

Monday August 16, 2021 – Khon Kaen University met the press to release news about the research on immunity of those receiving Sinovac. KKU Medical Team led by Prof. Surasak Wongratanacheewin, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School; Asst. Prof. Supranee Pantanawiboon, Ph.D., a lecturer of Department of Microbiology of the Faculty of Medicine, as the research team leader; Asst. Prof. Athibodee Meesing, M.D., a lecturer of the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine; Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs joined at the press meeting, which took place at Sarasin Room, Sirikunakorn Building, Khon Kaen University.

Win-Win for all! Home Isolation user’s disclose the distant care from doctors, patients and community can be confident of the system

The situation of Covid-19 is severe these days, with rapidly increasing number of infected people. Khon Kaen University thus came up with the Home Isolation Management System to assist Srinagarind Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine, KKU, so that more patients can be accepted into the hospital’s system and more normal patients can receive their treatment as usual. After the start, a lot of Covid-19 patient cases could be discharged, demonstrating that the system is satisfactory.