Pure green coffee

Green coffee products It is the use of a heat treatment process that reduces the green odor of the raw materials. By the heat treatment process, the amount of Antioxidants [Chlorogenic acid, Caffeic acid] was left at a high amount but not high Caffeine content, resulting in a new type of coffee product. Focus on health products


Coconut water jelly drink

Beverage products, jelly, coconut water, perfume Using materials from the coconut plantation At Ratchaburi Province with 100% fragrant coconut for use as a main raw material in Product development that emphasizes convenience for consumption by A refreshing product with natural coconut water flavor. Using preservatives, flavoring or flavoring Or preservative for a long shelf life But it is a study of the process of heating with a sterilizer to be performed. The product has a shelf life of at least 6 months.


A2+ Milk

A2+ Milk is a pasteurized and UHT fresh milk from A2 Beta Casein Genetics selected cows. The molecular typing for cows happens at Animal Breeding and Genomics Laboratory, KKU.



KKU1 Chicken

KKU1 chicken has several benefits for health. Especially, 3 lows properties, which are low fat, low cholesterol, and low purine in meat compared to commercial broiler. KKU1 is a crossbred chicken which have 25% Thai Native Genetics. Therefore, the good taste of local chicken flavor. KKU1 is suitable for community production. They reach market weight at 1.2-1.5 Kg within 35 days, good scavenging, and have heat tolerance characteristics.

Special beds to help turn the weak patient

Patients with paralysis, unconscious patients, and patients often require specialized care, by training themselves every 2 hours or less to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers in the liver. The diagnosis of this disorder is very problematic in caring for the patient because it heals faster than usual and can lead to necrosis, easily infectious and possibly the cause of death.


Probiotic capsule product from fermented rice bran.

Fermented rice bran is a probiotic type of health food obtained from microbial fermentation. These microorganisms will act to convert the carbohydrate nutrients in rice to other derivatives, including sugar, alcohol, various acetic acid. And these derivatives also have the ability to extract and dissolve other important substances. These microorganisms can be found in rice and bran, such as vitamins, phenolic, flavonoids, and minerals (zinc, iron, calcium). In addition, these microorganisms have health benefits. Therefore, it is classified as a quality food that enhances the health of the immune system. And prevent many diseases Especially diseases that occur in children, the elderly and people with immune deficiency, such as pediatric intestinal disease, gastrointestinal tract infection of the stomach and small intestines (Infectious gastroenteritis), intestinal gangrene.

Econ software as a service “ResRun POS”

The Econ software as a service project has created a Software Point of Sale management system under the name “Res Run POS” Version 1 to build a restaurant business management system. Students apply their knowledge to solve problems in the restaurant to help enhance the customers’ businesses to be more efficient. At present, there are 30 restaurants that have implemented the management system, with students participating from the Faculty of Economics.


Coiled Bamboo Guitar, The creation of coiled bamboo product required the design process and production by makers of music instrument and coiled bamboo experts.